Beside Odo Eran, Opako Adigbe, in Abeokuta, Nigeria
Mon-Sat: 08:00am - 05:00pm


Farming is the center piece of our organisation. It is at the very heart of all our operations. We currently possess two commercial farms whose operations include; 12-acre cashew plantation on the outskirt of Abeokuta, of which 4-acre have been inter-planted with plantain and over 6-acres of land with Cassava Cuttings. Processing of cashew nuts is a part of the business operations we look forward to in the nearest future.

Also we possess keen interest in Animal Husbandry as we have a 4-acre farm for intended for cattle rearing, fishery, poultry, fruits and vegetable garden. Oil palm processing will also be started in the nearest future as oil palm trees are currently used for fencing of the farm.

Given the strength of our interests in farming at SIS, with all sense of pride and responsibility, farming takes place year round across both our farms, irrespective of the weather and seasonality experienced in our environment. Self-sufficiency is core to our farm operations as all materials and resources used for our day to day operations across both farms are sourced within the farms themselves and our immediate environment. This we are proud of as it aids us to conserve our environment, be a generous employer of labour within our locality, and reduce cost, so customers can get more value for money.