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We have been involved in a number of services, which includes but not limited to; Earth Moving, Land-Cutting, Cash Crop Farming, Equipment hiring ...

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Seniority Integrated Services is mainly involved in the hiring of heavy duty machines and equipment such as bulldozers, tractors, etc. used for land clearing, mechanized farming purposes, and so on. Our business also extends into actual farming, which encompasses both subsistence and commercial farming of livestock and cash crops.


  • Putting Africa on the world map through agriculture.
  • Major player in sustainable development.
  • Saving planet earth with green revolution.

About Our Company

Our company is a private limited liability company with powers to work in various sector of the Nigerian economy. Therefore our company main focus is in the agricultural sector.

Given the need to improve on the sustainability of the food security sector in our economy, we are posed to use mechanized systems in our operations to encourage the growth of services and production of output in the agricultural sector.

Our goal is to improve the general well-being of the populace of this country by ensuring agriculture is back to the fore-front of the economy. These we are achieving by engaging and channelling our resources towards the use of mechanized farming practices and at the same time being a generous employer of labour in our locality.


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Our business

Unparalleled customer service and Brilliant customer satisfaction.
Health and safety first, Training, Decision making and Commensurate compensation.
Generational growth and expansion of the business, Profit making and Diversification.
Agriculture being back to the fore of the economy, Food sufficiency, Earner of much needed foreign exchange and Important employer of labour